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Starts: 14 July, 2014
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The Department of Economics was established in 2013. It is currently running BS programme. The basic objective of Economics Department is to provide opportunity of getting quality education to the students of locality at the door step and make them aware about the importance of this basic subject of human life. Economics develops the sense of civicness among the students.

Economics, being a social science,  deals with human life, means as well as Ends. Human life without Economics is meaningless. It is the era of Economics. Realities of economic life and the brutal truths of economics are an ample proof of the day. Economic thought is broader than   the history of science. “Butter” is better than “Guns”.

Human beings are dominated by desires, aspirations, wishes, wants, and needs. Being a Queen, and mother of social sciences, the knowledge of economics is essential for one’s survival on this beautiful planet, as a livelihood.

Economics feeds to other sciences. It is beyond the imagination and heed of the thinkers. In short Economics is the mother of all natural sciences and a source to meet the God.