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Starts: 14 July, 2014
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With majority of the world’s population claiming some sort of religious beliefs, Islamic Studies is an important and relevant subject in contemporary life, the college took step to initiate the department in 1999. What people believe in that way and what are the practical consequences of these beliefs may be the core of this program.


Its objective is to play the role in the society positively and to produce visionary, broad minded and virtuous people; to enhance the ability to understand the universe and their selves also. The last and the complete guidance by our Lord Almighty Allah is in Arabic language. So the direct approach to this wisdom (Al-Quran) is possible only when one can understand the Arabic language. Many of the students of department are serving as Professors in both male and female Govt. Colleges. Its highly qualified and dedicated faculty has left no stone unturned to make it a great center of learning. Now the department has initiated BS (4 Years) Program in 2013.